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YahooNews Complaint - YahooNews is biased and unprofessional
YahooNews Complaint

YahooNews Complaint


YahooNews is biased and unprofessional

YahooNews is slanted toward the Left in that people who post replies to the hateful comments by the Leftists, especially on the current hot topics of the mosque at Ground Zero, Obama's socialist efforts to take over the nation, or Beck's rally, while the hate-spewers can comment and spam their anti-Beck comments,pro-Obama, or pro-mosque comments accompanied by name-calling and/or threats of bodily harm, rape, kill you, etc. are allowed to be posted. Conservatives OTOH will be deleted or immediately marked with a thumbs down (almost immediately....too soon for the comment to have been read) when they respond to these threats or name-calling. What is even more worrisome is that when facts are presented to show the reasons for conservatives thoughts/concerns they are either not posted or are posted and then immediately deleted, or posted with immediate thumbs down. The anti-conservative posters can post spam for pages (same post) and get thumbs ups over and over, while the more rational comments against the spam are given as many thumbs down.
Yahoo allows breaking of its own rules to specific groups and enforces imaginary rules to those they disfavor. Two different conservative opinions from two different conservative groups, well=written and excellent facts to disprove some of the more egregious claims of the Leftist spammers was attempted to be posted over 20 times yesterday. It was deleted almost immediately or some minutes after receiving supportive thumbs up, until it wasn't even allowed to be posted.

This is not right. Complaints about all the above to YahooNews gets the typical canned response, with no action whatsoever. Nada. They even allowed a convicted murderer....his name was all over Newark newspapers (of a 9y/o girl, 14y/o boy, one police officer and two other gang members) in prison to post his Islamic threats to kill, rape, take over America. Nothing was done. When facts were posted that this man was a convicted murderer in prion doing the posting, it was deleted while his rants continued on.

That's the present-day yahoo group. I'm of the opinion that there are Muslims working as yahoo mods who do not want any negative attention brought to what is going on, and labeling anyone a "racist", "bigot"who questions what is going on in our society and most especially this Imam who has said he wants to put Shariah Law on the U.S. I think some of them even post anonymously against the posters they disagree with, in addition to providing the thumbs down (in the middle of the night when hardly anyone is posting?) to Conservative comments (I stay up late).
Yahoo has even been accused of helping the Iranian government by allowing access to identities living in Iran that posted against the regime in Iran. Hello. Need there be anything else said?

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